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If you are a PHP developer, and you search for fast, compact and easy-to-use IDE for PHP development under Windows(tm), you are at the right place!

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Just below you can see a screenshot of what I call "PHP IDE", written by myself and (initially) for myself - yet maybe interesting for other hard-working PHP coders frustrated by expensive and complicated IDE solutions for PHP development. Maybe you find it useful and practical in your everyday's work. LOG files on my server now show more than 2.000.000 requests of DPHPEdit on that site only (!) since May 29th, 2002. You can also check number of downloads and user comments on Download.com. Although exact number of real downloads and actual users is undeterminable, I wish to thank every one for confidence and interest for my simple tool, especially those who helped it to become better.

IDE now available in four languages: English, Croatian, French and German!

The editor is still free. Download and enjoy if you like it. The only thing I would be thankful for is your feedback with information about eventual bugs and missing features. However, if you would like to speed-up DPHPEdit development and improvements, you can help me with a small donation. Just to admit, I have received 1 (one) single donation so far :)). (If someone sent something and I should have had it received, maybe the problem lies somewhere else and in that case I apologize for any inconveniece!)